10 Key items for Fall/Winter 13/14

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Whether you like it or not trends are still set on the runways during the fashion weeks held in the 4 fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Paris and Milan). Of course, there are many other factors that may cause changes or novelties. However,  the designers around the world will get their inspiration from these runways and their creations are then the fruit of  how they interpreted what they saw. I know, this is a very complex process, but to make your life simpler here are the 10 Key items for Fall/Winter 13/14 . Learn them and go forward into fashion perfection.

1 – The white button-down shirt

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Dries Van Noten – White Shirt

A reliable, instant pick-me-up, white invites itself into our wardrobes each winter and this year is no exception. It arrives bearing gifts in a soft, reassuring cream tint. Well, that’s good for us. The white shirt provides a timeless option  and it was seen, on the runways, in various styles. If you still don’t have your white button down shirt now is time to get yours.




2 – The Peplum

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peplum-style belt
Photo credit:Style Sight

Must-have peplums continue this season. Not only were they seen transforming traditionally plain tops, but also seen on jackets, pants and  even  peplum-style belts, renewing the focus on the waist.






3 – The wide leg pants (classic and cropped)

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Carolina Herrera PhotoCredit: Fashion Snoops

Wide leg pants move forward as essential bottoms. Wide leg pants were seen in all 4 fashion capital and they were the most popular pant silhouette in London in classic and cropped style. Again some more great news for us heavy bottom ladies. The wide legs helps to balance our curves. Just keep in mind that cropped shapes makes you look shorter (therefore wider) and if you still want to wear them make sure to grab your best high heels.




4 – The Cardigan (classic and long)

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Photo Credits: Style Sight

OMG, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see cardigans as a top item. Cardigans magically give a more polished look to any outfit you choose (even jean shorts and flip flops, no not kidding…I never kid).

On the runways,  cardigans were featured in countless styles and the diversity in details adds variety so you can choose the cardigan that fits your very personal taste. They were seen in both classic and elongated styles. Also ladylike cardigans arrive in both demurely shrunken and slim, elongated silhouettes. The details from the classic crew neck to the more relaxed wrap cardigan. If you are looking for a dressier version,  the panels in contrast-color woven fabric, look dressy while adding textural contrast.


5 – The Turtle neck

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Christian Dior Turtle neck
Photo credit: Fashion Snoops

Here is a tricky one. The Turtle neck is an essential base layer and it is undeniable in it’s popularity in the sweater market. However,  short neck ladies should avoid them. Instead, they should try a V-neck sweater, which were brought back  in Paris by Louis Vuitton. However, if there is no way in hell you will stop wearing turtle necks just because I say so, keep in mind you should work to draw attention somewhere else. This topic deserves a post of its own, but just to help you until I work on that article, the simplest trick is to wear a long pendant necklace. The proper necklace should pull the eyes down and the focus away instead of concentrating the attention on your neck.

On the runways, turtlenecks proved to be a key item whether in chunky sweaters or thin layering knits. They were seen in the classic roll over and mock neck styles.

6- The Sheath dress

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Elena Miro Sheath dress
Photo credit: Fashion Snoops

The sheath dress moves forward as a favorite. They were featured by several important houses like Miu Miu, Lanvin, John Galliano, Proenza Schouler, Valention, Bottega Veneta and others. Through cut and print, designers gave dynamic new dimension to close-fitting, sexy sheaths.

Keep in mind that sheaths are body conscious, perfect for hourglass or pear shape. However, for all other shapes, if you really want to wear this style you will have to make it work for you or their form fitting nature will highlight every imperfection. So, look for bunched, crinkled or shirred effects that create dimension. Add a jacket or cardigan to make layers and pick colors or geometric patterns that will trick the eyes.

7 – The Pencil Skirt

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Burberry Prorsun
Photo Credits: Fashion Snoops

Pencil Skirt are definitely a democratic item. It can be used by any shape, any age and at any given time. It is classy and elongates the silhouette. It is a must have item in any season.

For F/W 13/14  they were presented often with higher waistlines and above-the-knee hemlines. Slits were noted as a detail. SO I am thinking that pencil skirts would marry very nicely with a over-the-knee boots for a very sheik and sexy look.

8 – The Fur coat

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Calvin Klein
Photo Credits: Fashion Snoops

Disclaimer: I am against all animal cruelty (remember my veterinary background) which, to me, includes using their fur to produce clothes, shoes or handbags. If you really like the look of fur you can always choose an animal friendly faux fur version instead.

However I am here to report the facts, and the fact is that there is no denying that fur continues to dominate the Fall 13/14 runways with various styles from long hair to curly or colored styles, the options remain endless. Variations occurred with color, pattern or teddy textures.

Fur found its way in every item. From trimming detail in boots, scarfs and purses. Fur was also specially prominent in the coat scene.

9 – The Boxy Jackets and oversized Coats

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Marc Jacobs – Oversized Coat
Photo Credit: Fashion Snoops

I know many of you hate it when I say “this is a no-no”, but here goes: Major big NO-NO. But honestly, in the curvy world I can’t think of any shape that can pull off boxy jackets and/or oversized coats.

Yes, the boxy silhouette remains key outwear item with broad shoulders and wide fits. And, yes, important houses like Balenciaga, Proenza Shouler, Gucci, Alexander Wang and many many other featured them. However, I still say don’t get them. They feature exaggerated proportions, are made from firm fabrics to keep their baggy fit. And although that might be great for that someone who has no curves, for most normal women they will only make you look bigger and shorter. I really don’t see the point, unless the mushroom look is your ultimate goal.

10 -  The Asymmetrical (skirt and dresses)

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Donna Karan Asymmetric Dress
Photo Credits: Fashion Snoops

OMG, I love asymmetrical hemlines. The structured precision and sophisticated simplicity created through clever fabric manipulation provides interesting and dynamic new looks. In daring looks,  asymmetrical hemlines often appear futuristic. Hitting between the knee and ankle, these varied lengths give simple dresses a modern twist. The variations are endless: Acute angles, On the Edge, Side closure, Oblique Blocking, Modern Toga, High-low, side sweep are the ones coming to mind now. The more relevant variation that made an appearance this season is probably the off-kilter shapes on skirts and dresses. The High-low hemlines that we have been seeing evolve in the last few seasons, with left-to-right sloping rather than front-to-back, are among many. Handkerchief hems push forward on both skirts and dresses expressing clean and simple lines.

Whatever style you pick as your favorite, the asymmetrical  hemlines add diversity to dresses and skirts. Solid or graphic in sharp color, asymmetrical cuts provide a clean precision and pared down sophistication.


Bonus: Material – Leather (top,bottom, skirt)

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Christian Dior – Leather

I know I said 10 key items, but I couldn’t leave leather out. Leather continues to be a favored material for sportswear applications, with many designers featuring leather pants in a range of styles from skinny to wide leg.

In Milan the material is applied all the way from classic jackets to dresses and beyond. Leather tops came back into focus. And Leathers were a popular material in an assortment of sheath dresses.

In London  some stylized items  included peplums, strong shoulders or mixed media techniques.


Leather also dominates the scene as a key material in various skirts, from pencil to full and mini shapes.

Now that you know what is hot this season, Happy shopping!!!!

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  1. Mysterious August 19, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    Hi there Elaine :) I was wondering when we get to see more of your dressing. You make + size look stunning and i miss seeing your dress up…As always your articles are great. Hug from a fan :)

  2. Rachel B January 3, 2014 at 7:01 pm #

    I personally like pencil skirt but ca’n wear it due to plus size :(

    But I loved those oversized coats and everyone knows me due to my coats :)

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