5 ways to improve your look regardless of the occasion

I know it should not be so but for some of us getting dressed can be a very overwhelming task.  Assembling a winning look can be challenging, especially when we are getting ready for those special occasions. To help banish this problem I have gathered 5 tips that will help you to improve your look regardless of the occasion.

1 – Dark Denim

 %plus size fashionKeep in mind that a form fitting pair of  jeans should hug you from the knee up to waist, but then bellow the knee should be a loose fit. Often,  flared cut jeans will be more flattering for us curvy ladies. Cropped jeans will make you look stunted and stout, no not so good, so opt of a long jeans that will cover part of your shoes without completely hiding them.  If you pair your long dark denim with a dark shoes (either navy blue or black)  you visually extend your legs and silhouette, creating an illusion of the length and also  a slimming effect.


2 – Dresses

 %plus size fashion There is a style of dress for every body shape. If you are not sure what is your body shape is or which style is most flattering to you, grab an honest friend ( which, by the way, is not necessarily your best friend) and bring her to a department store where you can find a variety of choices and try them all until you find your style. The perfect dress will help erase almost any imperfection. Resist the urge to buy a baggy dress and use it as cover up. What you want is to flatter your curves. highlight your best features  and conceal any imperfection.


3 – Accessories

 %plus size fashionI cannot, in this lifetime, stress enough the need to accessorize.  Just how much the right accessories can improve your look absolutely boggles the grey matter, really. Accessories that pull the eyes to focus attention on the vertical plain rather than horizontal one will extend your silhouette making you look taller. Try long necklaces, scarves or a vest.


4 – Belt it

 %plus size fashionBelts are especially important for heavy bottomed women who are lucky to count on a nice waistline. When you underline your waist you distract the attention from your hips and thighs. Don’t be afraid, there is really no need to hide underneath that tunic, belt it!

5 – Black Pants

 %plus size fashionThe effect here is the same as the dark denim, only this provides a more sophisticated option for when jeans are a no-go.  For the ladies who love to wear long loose blouses that cover the hips, the black pant offers a great option to make your hips look slimmer without swimming in your clothes. When you pull your blouse too low to cover your hips you are in fact creating visual shortening of your figure and thus you are making it look wider, again not so good.



These five tips should make dressing for any occasion a little easier, simplifying the task. Of course, a little wine while you choose your outfit never hurts, kind of puts it all into perspective! Happy dressing!!

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2 Responses to “5 ways to improve your look regardless of the occasion”

  1. Mysterious September 21, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    Good to see you back on your blog :) Been missing you…. Even though i am a guy i find your blog really helpful, and also i understand more of the difficulties of wearing the right clothes. When reading your background and your struggles, i must say you made a huge impact on me and i want you to know you should be really proud of yourself. Btw, no matter size or shapes, your size and shape perfect, never ever doubt that. And your right, we look like the clothes we put on while beauty comes from within with confidence and self image. Keep up the good work and as allways, i love following your progress :)

  2. Cerejo January 3, 2014 at 6:58 pm #

    I like heavy denims with dark color and a white or cream color shirt, a perfect combination.

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