7 Style Do’s and Don’ts during the holidays season

Hello girls!! I have been receiving a lot of emails from many of my beautiful curvy readers who are in panic mode, rushing  to find  what to wear for the upcoming holiday season.  I know, most of us have already gone to hell and back just looking for clothes to wear for this time of  year, and we are now kind of “traumatized” because let’s face it, hell is all about red and not so stylish right! I mean really, forked tail and horns… how to  %plus size fashionlook good in that! But seriously,  it doesn’t help that the celebrations seem endless: office party, your significant other’s office party, your in- laws celebration, the party your are hosting, the gala that you  have always dreamed of but now that you were finally invited you don’t have a clue what to wear…But I am here to help you!

But first let me share, I still have nightmares about the days when I had toshop in the men section of the store to find jeans (or most of my clothes actually). Of course they would never fit right, men do not have hips like us gals, and god forbid I was wishing for a dress. Well, thank the fashion gods, those days are over. There are now so many stores and so many possibilities that we curvy girls just have to roll up our sleeves and do some digging and we can absolutely find all our dream outfits.

So, to help I am writing a series of blog posts :WHAT TO WEAR DURING THE HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS. We are going to start with  general overall guidelines to assist those of us who have early celebrations, and then I will  follow up with  more detailed guidelines to address the general holiday madness.

So, for the early birds let’s start with 7 style Do’s and Don’ts during the holiday season.

1 – Don’t panic

With so many parties and celebrations to attend try to keep calm and plan your wardrobe ahead  of time. A good way to save  money on all your party outfits is with separates. For example: a black pair of slacks can be worn to several festivities just by adding a different top and this way one basic garment will go a long way and no one will be the wiser.

2 – Dress appropriately for the occasion 

This  is probably the first thing you should be asking yourself: “What kind of party am I going to?” It will help to know if you need to prepare yourself for a prim and proper office holiday party, a casual get-together with old friends or that coveted  galla. Whatever the occasion, dress accordingly. Worry not, we will explore in detail  within the next few weeks, each one of these specific types of celebrations.

 %plus size fashion3 – Do avoid green and red

That extends to velvet, taffeta or anything overly embellished. If you look like you should be unwrapped or dangling from the tree you shouldn’t be wearing it. Christmas decoration should not, I repeat should not be worn! OK.

4 – Do wear Sequins

For most of us, the holidays are the closest we ever come to wearing a red carpet outfit. So take advantage of the event and shine!

5 -  Wear the highest comfortable heels

You don’t want to wear a heel so high that you can’t move around, but flats during the holidays? really? lets just take the Santa from the Claus and see where that gets us….

6 – Don’t show too much skin

Even if you have what it takes and are not afraid to shake it, still  you should avoid bold décolleté . For these celebrations, new year’s eve being the exception,  usually means family reunions and you really don’t want to be pointed out by the other jealous wives right?

 %plus size fashion

No Jeans Allowed

7 – Don’t wear jeans

Ok, this goes in the same category as the flats. Major Big NO-NO for the holiday celebrations. Nope! not even OK  for that get together with your old high school  friends.

There you have it, I hope it helps you guys to get started.  Remember, Having fun is the primary goal but no one says we can’t look good too!


If you have any question or comment don’t hesitate to post them, and if you have outfits ideas please share them!!! Picture are always welcome.

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2 Responses to “7 Style Do’s and Don’ts during the holidays season”

  1. Avice Roberts- Joseph November 22, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    Fantastic! All the best.
    Hope to see you and yours on Christmas Day.
    Please call me.

  2. Mehdi January 3, 2014 at 6:26 pm #

    During vacations, I like to wear shorts and loose trouser. No jeans no skirts.

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