Leather Jacket for plus size women

There is no doubt that leather is by far a favorite fall material. A leather jacket is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe that never fails %plus size fashion to bring a great return on its investment.  For the curvy women, when it comes to leather, it is no different. There was a time when leather was really a heavy material and you would feel like you are wearing a saddle. But times have changed and this year is no different. Leather has been refined and the lines are sleek and very well done. Leather no longer adds girth just for being there. However, one note to remember, leather shines, and so, therefore it will drawn the eye to it.

Since my Interview with Anna Williams: Anna Williams asked me what item in my closet was my best cost-per-wear, I have been meaning to share this conclusion with you. The answer, simple: my leather jacket. By far my best wardrobe investment ever. The basic leather jacket I bought at Danier at a 50% discount (total around 300$CAD) I have worn  day in day out since 2011. I estimate that cost-per-wear, this fabulous piece has come to about 0,97 cents per day so far and it is far from retirement as we speak. Since then, many have asked me on many occasions how to choose the perfect leather jacket.

So,  here we go with what to consider before buying your next leather jacket?

1 – The Jacket FIT

 %plus size fashionI would say the number one item you have to keep in mind is the fit. Make sure your jacket fits you perfectly, If you have short or long arms it will require extra work, but it is worth it.

When you try on a jacket, of course in front of a full-length mirror, bend your elbows with fists up, they should come together without any feeling of tightness on the back shoulder.

The sleeves should NOT be too short or too long. You know they’re too short, when you stretch your arms, you can see more than your wrists. If you can see your watch without trying…too short. Can’t see your fingers, hello, too long.

When worn, the jacket length should not be TOO LONG, when you sit down. The current length now is just long enough to cover your bottom, the exception  of course is the biker jacket, they should be right on your waist, maybe even a little longer.

2 – Style

 %plus size fashion

What is your style? You can find a variety of colors and refinements. From the biker leather jacket to the very refined Italian or lamb leather. Just take a look in your wardrobe and analyze what kind of leather jacket would be the most beneficial for you.

The classic style

The classic leather jacket it is the best way to stretch your dollars. A black medium-length jacket

offers the most versatility and wearabilty.  It is timeless and can be kept for decades.

The fashion statement style

 %plus size fashionIf your budget allows it, then splurge on a designer jacket and make a fashion statement. You can choose from shiny, retro-feel blazers, sleek motocross designs or long trenches. Keep in mind that longer coats add height and slim the body; zippers and button-front pockets add visual interest on your style.

The rebel sporty style

If you’re style goes beyond the ordinary fashion statement then the distressed, waxed and embossed pieces (those that imitate croc, snake or alligator) will add fashion flash. You can also choose metallic or bright dyes for even more glitz.

Fur trims and linings add an elegant touch, while hoods give a jacket a sporty feel.

3 – Budget

Last but not least is the budget. Budget plays a very important role. Expect to pay about $250 for a good leather jacket. And don’t forget, by the end of fall the prices drop a lot to drive sales. As a rule of thumb, I recommend going for a classic style if you choose to make a sizeable investment . However for a trendy piece that will last you only one season a faux leather might be a better choice.


Care products

Leather is relatively easy to care for providing you take the proper preventative measures. Store it so it can breathe (no plastic!), hang it on a well-shaped hanger as often as possible, avoid hanging on clothes pegs where the stress on the leather is very localized. For every day care you need a good quality leather cleaner and conditioner. For major cleaning, find a leather cleaning specialist.


Now girls, go out there and rock your new leather jacket!

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3 Responses to “Leather Jacket for plus size women”

  1. Yolanda November 18, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    I want the purple and black leather jackets! Where can I get them?

    • Elaine Wiart November 19, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

      Hi Yolanda! They are really beautiful… I got them at Danier Leather I don’t think they still have this exact model, but they always have very nice jackets and their sizes a pretty good. Worth checking out… Let me know if you need any help with it…

  2. Jenna January 3, 2014 at 6:51 pm #

    Great combination !! Personally I don’t like leather but I like try it after seeing this.

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